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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solar PV energy?

Solar is light energy from the sun.  PV is short for photovoltaics.  This is a technology to convert light energy from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity.  There the current is again converted through an inverter to alternating current (AC) to be used in the house or business.  Surplus unused energy is then exported to the grid.


When does the solar system generate electricity? (Grid connect systems)

As soon as the sun rises high enough for the solar panels to start generating power, enough to activate the inverter to include this power into the household system.  This then reduces the energy consumption from the electricity grid.  The opposite occurs when the sun sets.  The solar panels don’t generate enough power and the invertor shuts off again.  Electricity is then only drawn from the electricity grid.


Can I retrofit a battery backup system to my existing grid connect PV system?

Yes, but battery backup systems require additional components, such as solar regulators, correct sized batteries for the energy use required.  The current inverter (grid connect only) will need to be upgraded to support such a battery backup system.


Will Solar Panels heat my hot water?

No, solar panels generate electrical energy only, not heat water directly.  However, solar generated energy will offset electric hot water systems energy consumption.  This is another consideration to system design and sizing for your household energy needs.


With a grid connect systems, will I keep power on during a blackout?

No, the grid connect system will shut down for the outage duration.  This is to stop energy feeding into the grid where this can be a danger to workers rectifying the blackout cause.  To overcome this you will need a battery backup system.


 PV System size – what is best?

The Cost/Benefit is the clearest determinant of any size of a solar system.  However, to slash energy consumption on a day to day basis, a system too small will not deliver enough energy during winter, conversely a larger system will generate more energy for export to the grid, especially in summer.  But in a hotter longer summer season where generation is highest, you will be able to run more air-conditioning without significantly adding to your energy bills.  A BES system designer will size design your system based upon your energy usage in different seasons.


Will I need to re-roof my house?

Solar PV panels can be installed on many different roof types, orientation, and pitch angle with minimal changes.  There may be a variation of PV efficiency with a system adapted to existing roofs.  Only if a roof is considered unsafe, structurally degraded or would affect system performance significantly, should a re-roof option be considered with a builder.


What are suitability requirements for a Solar PV system?

You need to look at size of roof, pitch of roof, type of roof, orientation of roof to get the optimum energy generation.  Energy generation capacity should be matched to your energy needs such as your daily household energy use requirement.  Winter season generates less solar energy than summer


Do solar panels work in the shade?

Shading reduces or stops the energy output of solar panels.  Different technology and installation configuration can limit reduction to only the shaded panel and not the whole solar array.

Sometimes it is unavoidable for partial shading, so best limit the energy reduction to those panels only.  Obviously best option is to avoid shading altogether if possible.


Does a dirty solar panel lose effectiveness?

Dust and dirt, leaves, bird droppings can reduce the output of the solar panel.  It is best to have these panels cleaned from time to time to keep optimum energy generation performance. 


How much will it cost to install solar panels?

The upfront cost of your solar PV system is affected by a number of factors:

1.    Government rebates, incentives and support schemes available

2.    Installation costs by contractor

3.    Solar panel type and quantity, which affect the output of your system in kilowatts (kW)

4.    Type and size of solar inverter

5.    Type of solar panel support frames and other system components

6.    Height and accessibility of roof and if roof is tiled, metal or other.

7.    Any after-sales service agreements

Technology and incentives are always changing so solar system costs will vary on a regular basis.




Can BES do maintenance and cleaning for my existing solar system?

Yes, BES can do any cleaning maintenance/repairs that your solar system may need to remain working at it’s best.

If you solar system isn’t working well or at all we can trouble shoot the problem and clean and repair your system.











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